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Harp seals - By: Ana 5C

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Food Chain For a Seal

There are many food chains for many different types of animals but, I think the seal's food chain is the most interesting. The food chain shown above has a decomposer, a producer, and a few consumers. These sea creatures all effect the seals food chain because, without one the others can't survive.
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Food Web For a seal

The food webs for seals are very unique. All the organism depend on the sun for food witch goes to many different types of animals for food to stay alive. The polar bears and the whales hunt seals for food. Like this many animals hunt other animals for food. Food webs explain how animals depend on other animals to survive.
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Biotic and Abiotic

The biotic and abiotic factors for seals are living and non - living things. The biotic factors for harp seals are shrimp, krill, prawns, red fish, ect. The Abiotic factors for a harp seal are mostly snow, water, ice, ect. The biotic and abiotic factors for seals are very different but, also very unique.


The harp seals Ecosystem is near the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is very cold during summer and winter. Harp seals live on thick ice and near water for catching fish.There ecosystem have lots of abiotic factors like snow, ice, rocks, ect.

Facts about seals

- Harp Seals can only stay above water for only 15 whole minutes!

- Harp Seals can only way up to 300 - 400 lbs

- Harp Seals are very noisy!

- Seals can only live in the wild for 30 years!!!

- In three years of age 95 percent of seals are hunted.

- Harp Seals can dive up to 300 meters when hunting for food.

- Lady harp seals have fur and male do not.

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Harp Seal Animal Quiz for Kids

The Harp Seal Animal Quiz

This video that we picked is a Quiz about Harp Seals for the adiunce to answer. It is a True or False Quiz with very easy or very hard Questins! Enjoy!!!!!!!!


We think you should not hunt harp seals because, these CCC's ( cute cuddly creatures ) because, they could become extinct very easily. Some of these horrible humans hunt these animals just for fun. They also hunt the fur and leave the poor little body on the cold ice. The ecosystem would change a lot if you hunt a seal for the polar bears, whales, for fish,ect. There would also be some human impact. Like the humans will have no more seals to hunt so they would hunt other animals and the other animals would get extinct and it would keep going on for ever.

Predicting Changes in the Seals Ecosystems

Around the Aritc Ocean if the ecosytem for seals were changed it would be very crazy! If there was too many seals the polar bears would get too fat and big which is good for them but, bad for the seals and also the artic cod would get close to being extinct. If the seals where less then the polar bears could starve and they would fight over the seals because, they are the closest in there ecosystems. With too much seals and too less seals there ecosystems would change a lot for them and other animals.