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Week of February 10, 2014

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Aerospace in the News

  • Flight Trials Revealed for Taranis UCAS
  • BAE Begins to Use 3D Printed Components on their Aircraft

  1. Who Really Invented the Airplane?
  2. MOOG Information Session
  3. Slides from Jeremy Blum Lecture
  4. Boeing Internships
  5. AIAA Open Board Meetings
  6. Publicize with Cornell AIAA
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Aerospace in the News

Flight Trials Revealed for Taranis UCAS

The British Ministry of Defence recently allowed BAE Systems to release some details of the Taranis UCAS. Speculated to be the most advanced aircraft ever built in the UK, the Taranis UCAS is an unmanned combat vehicle that is capable of reaching supersonic flight as well as avoiding radar.

BAE Begins to Use 3D Printed Components on their Aircraft

BAE Systems recently certified the use of 3D printers to make replacement components on the BAE 146 Regional Jet. While this is still in a preliminary phase, BAE is now looking into the possibility of printing replacement parts for other commercial aircraft, and their competitors are not far behind.

1. Who Really Invented the Airplane?

Thursday, Feb. 13th, 4:30-6:30pm

Phillips Hall 101

Come see Professor Francis Moon, the ASME 2011 Engineer-Historian Awardee, discuss the early history of aviation, as well as the role that Cornell University played in it. In his book, "Social Networks in the History of Innovation and Inventions," Dr. Moon discusses the network of people that made human flight possible. He also discusses the contributions to aviation made by certain individuals, including the Dean of the Sibley College of Mechanical Engineering at the time: Robert Thurston.

Also, pizza will be provided!

2. MOOG Information Session

Moog Inc. is hosting an information session here at Cornell on March 11th. As a leader in motion control technology, Moog offers specialized products in various industries including aviation, automotive, medical, as well as many more. Come learn what it like to work in this constantly evolving industry, as well as explore the various career options available at Moog.

Date: March 11

Location: TBA

3. Slides from Jeremy Blum Lecture

Were you unable to attend the lecture given by Jeremy Blum '12 on hardware entrepreneurship? Are you interested in learning about a Cornell graduate's experience in the field as well as his experience working for Google? If so, check out the slides from last week's presentation in the link below.

4. Boeing Internships

Interested in working for one of the largest aerospace companies in the world? If so, check out these posting to learn more about opportunities from Boeing Product Development.

· 14-1000602 – geared specifically for undergraduate students (18 total positions)

· 14-1000607 – geared for those graduating in June 2014 and/or in graduate school (10 total positions)

5. Cornell AIAA Open Board Meetings

Join us for our Open Board Meetings! Get involved –we want to hear your input and ideas!

Dates: Every Thursday, 4:30pm – 5:00pm

Location: Upson Hall, Room 109

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