by Asher Berghoff

How much Does it cost for a round trip to Masada? And how much does it cost to stay?

Airline: Delta, Price: $885 Hotel: Ein Bokek, Daniel Dead Sea, Price (whole trip) $1,176

What can you eat in Israel?

Breakfast: Salmon and eggs.

Lunch: Falafel.

Dinner: Oranges and Avocados.

What Are Masada's Special Sites?

The mountain range and the fortress.

Masada's History

Masada is a fortress commissioned by the King Herod the great. Later in history people of another religion took control of Masada. When the Romans invaded they and the Jews inside committed suicide rather than face the Romans.

Plants and Animals in the Area

Animals: Arabian leopards ans striped hyenas

Plants: Olive trees

A typical day in Masada

I would wake up, eat breakfast, and go look at the city. Later I would have lunch, then go hiking. Later I would eat dinner and go to bed.