Caravel Chronicle

December Edition

Important Dates

12/2 - 3 books due

12/3 - 12/14 - Rugby Middle School Scholastic Book Fair

12/5 - Rugby Craft Fair 9 - 1 (Book Fair will be open)

12/4 - Mid-term grades go home (please sign and return on Monday)

12/4 - Science Test on waves (study guide handed out on Monday)

12/7 - 12/11 - Week of Code (in science classes)

12/8 - Reading Raiders Meeting Chasing Lincoln's Killer

12/17 - Caravel Day

12/18 - November/December PSJ due

12/18 - Early Release

12/18 - 1/3 - NO SCHOOL

Rugby Craft Fair

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 9am-1pm

3345 Haywood Road

Hendersonville, NC

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For more information please contact our Media Specialist Mrs. Maxon. Thank you!

Current Topics

Math and Science

Math - We have just started our next unit, Geometry. Students will review concepts from last year (area and volume) and apply and extend those to new shapes. We will focus on the area of simple shapes (rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles), find area of complex shapes, such as trapezoids, by breaking the shapes down into simple shapes. We will also review coordinate plane and use knowledge of finding distance to calculate area of shapes. Students will then use their knowledge of area and apply it to 3-dimensional shapes to find surface areas of pyramids and prisms. Lastly, we will review volume of rectangular prisms, focusing on objects with fractional edges.

Science - We will be wrapping up our unit on Waves, focusing on Light and Sound waves. Students will have a test on Friday, December 4. During the week of December 7 - 11, students will be learning a bit of computer programming and coding through participating in's hour of code campaign. During this week students will learn the basics of what it takes for a computer or game to function, and they will be able to create their own designs or games throughout the week.

Language Arts and Social Studies

Language Arts: We are currently in our Courageous Characters unit. Most recently, we have been studying and discussing the Holocaust. Mr. Ehrnsberger visited our class on 12/3 to speak about his visit to two Concentration Camps. Students really enjoyed his visit and have shown a lot of interest in learning about the Holocaust. As we continue Courageous Characters, students will complete a biography project on a courageous person, outlining the difficulties they faced and the impact they made on history (more details to come).

Over Holiday Break, students will bring home information about an upcoming project. In our next unit, Embracing Heritage, students will interview a family member to learn about their family heritage. When we return from break, students will create a multimedia presentation with the information to share with the class. They will also share photos and family heirlooms during this presentation. This is one of my favorite projects, as students learn new things from their family, while spending quality time together. Please encourage students to take advantage of seeing family members over break.

Social Studies: We are currently studying the Ancient River Civilizations. We have finished your study of the Sumerians and Babylonians in Mesopotamia, and are currently studying the Egyptians. We will also study the Ancient River Civilizations in China and India.

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