"so many"


There are so many different reasons that a kid would want to use a drug like marijuana. But there are a few main things that you need to look out for and may not see coming.


Your friends are commonly the biggest influence in your life, I mean you don't want to be the out cast. Normally Friends will leave you alone. And drop it. Many of your friends will support you in not getting high and hooked.


Siblings have a lot of influence over you especially if they are older. I mean if you saw that you sister was on marijuana and there were no visible affects you could see you may think that it is OK. Also siblings sometimes pressure until you take the drug.

Fun Fact

Marijuana is the most comonly taken illegal drug in Canada you are almost guaranteed to come across it in your life so always remember to never give in to all the pressure.
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This is a picture of the cannabis plant which can be made into Marijuana (Picture Above).