A Motor For All

Extreme Line of Cars

As the car industry all around the world continue to grow and become more intivative, Wassman's Motors contunue to beat out the other compitition. We have some of the craziests and most reliable cars on the planet. Our bran new car design comes out in 2026 and features our new logo as you can see to the right. More sneak peaks of our product will come out later as time goes on.

The price of the new car design is $85,500 it is the highest quality and worth every penny.


We have every kind of motor vehicle avialable and some of our best all terrian vehiles are our ATV and our UTV. The new line of ATVs are called the Kingquad and it is a 4x4 and 1000cc engine. It has a variety of color options including camo, black, red, yellow, and pink for the ladies. It has a bunch of reliable characteristics that you will have to drop by one of the Wassman's motor shops to find out.

Price: 16,750 stock

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We have just lanch a new line of aircraft including helicopters and private jets. We have just created our own motor based off of military grade material so these aircrafts can do anything from circumnavigating the world to doing stunts. The helicopters are based off of the US Army's littlebird chasey and the private jets are our very own design from our team of engineers from all around the world.

Price Helicopter: $450,00 stock

Price Jet: $830,500 stock


Our motorboat products is Wassman's motors bread and butter. These motorboats are what our company is based off of. We have any size size motor boats for any type of person. We have world class boats that last as long as you buyers do.

Price small: 120,00

Medium: 185,000

Large: 243,000

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Our company continues to grow and develop to create the best products on earth. No one comes close to our products, and are also coming out with even better inventions. We have existed since 1903 and continue to come closer to our goal of providing motor vehicles so all the people on the earth.