Robert E. Lee (1807-1870)

By: Alex Tuggle

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Who was Robert E. Lee and How Did He Impact American History?

Lee was a soldier for most of his life. In the Mexican-American war, he was a military officer. Then later on, the south seceded and formed the CSA (Confederate States of America.) Abraham Lincoln had asked Lee to be the general of the Union, but Lee being from Virginia (which was in the CSA) turned down the offer to be with the South since he was born and raised there. He was the Commanding General of the Confederates.

Where did Lee grow up and go to school?

Lee grew up in Stratford, Virginia. His parents were Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee and Anne Hill Carter Lee.

Where Did Lee Go To School?

Lee went to military School at West Point Academy in West Point, New York.

Interesting Facts

-he married Mary Anna Custis who was descendant of George Washington

-he served under General Winfield Scott in 1846

-he turned down being with the union to be with the south


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Robert E. Lee - Mini Biography