Fifth & Sixth Grade News-

October 14, 2015

Dear Parents,

Next week your child will be taking the ITBS Test and I want them to do their best so there will be no Spelling test for the week. I will be giving minimal homework so they do not have any excuse for staying up late. I do ask that they go to bed on time, get plenty of rest, eat a nutritious breakfast and do their best. Encourage your child to try as hard as they can but not to worry for it will not be a graded test. It will tell us how well they do in comparison to other children around the nation. We will also use the information to help direct us in our instruction and planning for the remainder of the year, based on individual student needs and goals.

Top Secret: Please take a moment to write an encouraging note for your child. Return this note in a sealed envelope by Tuesday, and I will give it to your child before testing on Wednesday as a confidence booster. Thank you!

Have a great rest of the week!

Mrs. Scott

Holy Rosary Regional School - Juan Diego Academy