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February 2022 Volume 9, Issue 11

Mark your Calendar:

February 16th : 2-Hour Early Release - PM 4K Students will attend all day. Dismissal is at 12:55 PM

February 25th: No School for Students - Professional Development Day.

February 28th: Vacation Day No School


The end of the trimester is coming on March 4th. Assessments have begun so teachers can send you updated information on how your child's learning is progressing toward grade level standard mastery. As you work with your child at home, if you have questions or concerns please reach out to the teacher so we can continue our partnership in educating your child.

Winter clothing -- We are seeing some melting which leads to a lot of wetness. We expect that boots be worn at each recess so we can keep everyone, including classrooms, dry. Students also need to have hat and mittens. We do have some spares but not enough for everyone so please check with your child in the morning before they come to school to be sure they have all of their proper winter clothing. If you have concerns about supplying these items for your child, reach out to the office so we can work together to be sure your child has what they need.

Reach out if you have any needs so we can assist you in any way possible.

Mrs. Michalski


4K Registration for the 2022-23 School Year:

Registration will take place on Thursday, February 10th, at Abrams Elementary or Tuesday, February 15th, at Oconto Falls Elementary from 4:00- 6:30 PM. You can register at either location. To register your child you will need to bring your child's birth certificate, immunization record and proof of residency such as a utitlity bill or rental agreement. If Open Enrolling into district you will need to bring proof of open enrollment application.

This year due to COVID, we are only going to allow one parent and no children to attend registration. You only need to attend one of the dates noted above.

Open Enrollment: This year’s Open Enrollment application period will take place between February 7th and April 29th. The Wisconsin Open Enrollment program allows children to attend public school in a school district other than the one in which they live. Early and late applications will not be accepted. Parents may apply online at https://dpi.wi.gov/oe If you do not have access to a computer, call or stop in at the district office.

If your child is currently attending under Open Enrollment, it is not necessary to complete an application form; your child will remain an active student through 12th grade.

School Dress Up Days:

February 11: Sport's Day

February 14: Red and Pink Day for Valentine's Day

February 18: Pajama Day

February 22: Twin Day

Summer School 2022

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Kindergarten Celebrates 100th Day of School

101st Day of School

Celebrating the 101st Day of School! Students dressed up in black and white or as a dalmation. Movement breaks were held throughout the day for 101 seconds. We also enjoyed a school wide snack in the shape of 101.

Abrams Holiday Concert

Abrams 5k-5th Holiday Concert is available to watch on the district's youtube channel, you can watch it at the link provided below.

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/9jFPaw_bW-I

The Safety Squad -- Officer Kuhn

The Safety Squad

Welcome to the February edition! Thanks for coming back. I was going to talk about general crime prevention this month but it seems that harassment and bullying are topics that the masses are currently more interested in. Let’s talk about what constitutes bullying and harassment and what we can do about it!

First thing, when it comes to bullying and harassment at school, the Oconto Falls School District takes these issues VERY SERIOUSLY. Oftentimes, it may seem that issues are not taken seriously because we are restricted from giving details due to confidentiality. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that we can’t discipline or cite someone for harassment or bullying if the behavior doesn’t fall within the definition of harassment or bullying.

Let’s start with the definition of harassment. Harassment is governed by state laws, which vary by state, but is generally defined as a course of conduct which annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety. Harassment is unwanted, unwelcomed and uninvited behavior that demeans, threatens or offends the victim and results in a hostile environment for the victim. You can find the Wisconsin State Statute on harassment here.

The statutory language is similar for Unlawful Use of a telephone or Electronic Device (cell phone, computer, snapchat, facebook, etc.) or for harassing a victim or witness. You can’t threaten, intimidate, frighten, abuse or alarm people. Much of the conduct overlaps with Disorderly Conduct, as well.

School boards adopt policies to ensure there are rules and guidelines in place for the proper operation and management of the district, including the conduct of students while in school or enroute on school buses. The Oconto Falls School District defines bullying as “Bullying is deliberate or intentional behavior using words or actions, intended to cause fear, intimidation, or harm. Bullying is a repeated behavior and involves an imbalance of power. Furthermore, it may be serious enough to negatively impact a student's educational, physical, or emotional well being. The behavior may be motivated by an actual or perceived distinguishing characteristic, such as, but not limited to: age; national origin; race; ethnicity; religion; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation; physical attributes; physical or mental ability or disability; and social, economic, or family status; however this type of prohibited bullying behavior need not be based on any of those particular or other particular characteristics. It includes, but is not necessarily limited to such behaviors as stalking, cyberbullying, intimidating, menacing, coercing, name-calling, taunting, making threats, and hazing.” Here are the Bullying Policy and the Student Anti-Harassment Policy. You can also find them on the district webpage.

Sometimes the harassment or bullying is severe enough that you are in fear for the safety of your child. If that is the case and it is happening in school, I work closely with school administration to handle the situation to ensure safety is the top priority. If the matter involves school-aged children and is happening outside of school, you can contact myself (SRO) or the Police Department directly at 920.846.4500. The school will always refer non-school related activity to the police department. If you live in the county and the matter is occurring outside of school, the non-emergency number for Oconto County is 920.834.6900. Follow the commands to report a complaint or speak with an officer. If the safety danger is imminent, call 911.

Talk to your child and encourage them to advocate for themselves. It helps them build communication skills they will need in the future. Lead by example! Stay calm, use your words wisely, and articulate the need for collective problem solving. However, if the problem is bigger than what they can handle on their own, or they’ve tried and failed to reach a resolution, the school and I are available to assist them (and you)...Ultimately, we all want the same thing. A safe environment where kids can learn and thrive.

Jamie Kuhn

School Resource Officer

Free Workshops and Seminars in February!

Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. is offering the following seminars and workshops.

Developing Good Bedtime Routines, Workshop on Tantrums, and Parenting Seminars.

For more information call 920-391-5818 or email Karla@fcrnew.org

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