By Kara Newswanger

Physical Properties

Bromine atomic mass is 80 its its radius is 94 pm (picometers). its density is 3.120 g/cc. Bromin hast the melting point of -7.3 degrees Celsius and a Boiling point of 59 degrees Celsius. If bromine was put into room temperature, which is about 22 degrees Celsius, it would be a liquid. Bromine appears to be a red-brown color and is a nonmetal. Bromine is not malleable in any way and considering its a nonmetal, it does not conduct electricity well. when it evaporates, it rapidly turns into a choking purple-brown gas that smells like chlorine.

Chemical Properties

Bromine is not flammable and is usually used as a fire retardant. Bromine is less reactive than chlorine but more reactive than iodine. it reacts with some metals especially in water.

Location on Periodic Table

Bromine is located on the right side towards the middle. It is part of the halogen group

History and discovery

Bromine was discovered in 1826. it was found in the slat marshes of Mointpellier. Carl Jacob Lowig and Antione Balard were the founders.