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For our School Improvement needs we ask that you fill out this seven question survey. It is very quick, but will give us some valuable information. We appreciate your time and input.

Cybercamp opportunity for 8th grade students

Cultural Night opportunity

Sponsor anyone?

Our WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program is searching for a sponsor for our t-shirts. If you are able and would like some free advertisement for your company or business, let me know!

MIPA Awards

Last weekend our Media Productions students competed in a video production competition (Michigan Interscholastic Press Association - MIPA) with other districts around the state. In January they picked categories and topics and were under pretty stringent restraints to complete and submit the videos before the cutoff date. We submitted 7 videos and 6 of the 7 received some sort of recognition which is pretty spectacular considering they were competing mostly with other high school programs around the state.

Below are the accolades and links to the submissions. Check them out!

Ethan T and Elliot B - honorable mention for PSA on Positivity Project

Judah K and Vanessa H - honorable mention for health related PSA on vaping

Garrett T and Carolina I - honorable mention for commercial on Polar Dragons

Garrett R - honorable mention for short film documentary on Rome

Jamison F - honorable mention for Health related PSA on Alcohol

Keegan G and James P (JP) - 3rd place for School Promo

NOAH project - Thank you!

An evening this week several NJHS members and parents prepared lunches from the donations you provided to help feel the homeless in Detroit. Our goal was to have enough food to pack 300 lunches.

Thanks to our generous families, we were not only able to pack 300 lunches, but we packed around 200 more before running out of items.

So…from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generosity. Many, many, people will have a good lunch thanks to you.


Positivity Project - Leadership

Leadership means that you value each member of your group and inspire people to do their best. Leadership can be both formal and informal. It is concerned with getting others to do what needs to be done while maintaining group morale to ensure readiness to act in the future. This character strength’s focus is on the personal qualities of leaders, rather than the practice of leadership. These qualities include the ability to understand others and inspire them toward a common goal, the capacity to mitigate conflict and mold consensus, and the desire to lead other people.

Positive psychology focuses on transformational leaders. This type of leadership is a process where “leaders and their followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation.” These leaders are able to create a vision, communicate the vision, develop a coherent strategy to achieve that vision, and lead the charge towards its attainment. Through their words and actions, these leaders develop an inspirational relationship with their followers. That is, they fill others with the spirit to attain the vision.

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