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The HAWG Challenge is On

We are inviting you to participate in MESSAs 2014 How to Avoid Weight Gain Challenge during the holidays.

Maintaining a healthy weight can decrease your risk factors for many chronic health conditions. Managing your weight and avoiding undesirable weight gain can be more difficult during the holiday season.

The How to Avoid Weight Gain during the holidays challenge is designed as a fun group activity to assist you with weight management. Participants submit their weight on the start date and again on the end date. The object of the challenge is to avoid gaining more than 2lbs during the holiday season. The participants that meet the objective are entered in a raffle at the end of the activity. Sometimes adding a bit of accountability and a touch of competition can make goals more achievable. During the course of the challenge, you will receive tips for success, healthy recipes, and other health information to help you stay motivated.

The challenge begins December 1st and ends February 2nd. The goal is to lose, maintain, or gain no more than two (2) pounds during the challenge.

To participate, just click here No Weight Gain During the Holidays and answer the questions. You have until Dec. 2nd to enter.

Near the end of the challenge you will receive an email with directions on submitting your end weight. If you lose, maintain, or gain no more than two (2) pounds . . . CONGRATULATIONS! You will be entered into a raffle drawing for great prizes!


Your HEP Committee has arranged for a pharamacist to be on site at Royal Oak High School to provide flu shots for you and your family:

See the attached for more information:

Informational Flyer: General overview of the clinic.

Vaccine Administration Record: Please fill out Sections 1-3 of this form, and bring it, along with a photo-copy of your insurance card to the clinic.

Vaccine Information Statements: There are two informational sheets about the available vaccines, for review by the participants.

Flu Mist Availablity: FluMist is now recommended for children aged 2- 8 years old. For children who have asthma and who are between the ages of 2-4 years old it is not recommended that they receive this vaccination. For children who are older than 5 years old AND who have asthma or have had a "wheezing" episode within the last year there are precautions to address before administration of FluMist. Please contact your pediatrician if you have concerns or questions about this.


Royal Oak High School

Wednesday, December 3

11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please email Becky Stremmell [] to reserve your time by December 1. We will adjust the times/doses to accommodate demand.