My Favorite Sports

By: Ms. Mayo


Sports are great! I grew up playing sports and I still do! I also love to watch different sports on TV.

Sports I Like to Watch


Here you'll see a picture of my favorite player! He retired after last season, but will still be one of my all time favorites! He played for the Green Bay Packers and was a wide receiver.

Here's the citation for the picture:


The Brewers aren't doing very well this year, but I still like to watch them. Going to Miller Park is a lot of fun! I usually get to go a few times a year!

Sports I Like to Play


During the summer I like to play volleyball outside in the sand. I didn't play growing up, but some of my friends got me into playing it once we got older. I used to play in an indoor court when I was going to college. My team this year is talking about playing during the winter indoors, which would be a lot of fun!