Topic: Slavery

Fighting for What You Believe In

By: Leah Bernal and Joshua DeLuca

Debating With The President

It's October 15, 1858 in Alton, Illinois. You're a mere spectator of the 7th and final debate held between President, Abraham Lincoln and Congressman Stephen A. Douglas. You are held in astonishment as the two men argue back and forth on the topic of slavery. Douglas rambles on about "popular sovereignty" and how slavery is a pure necessity if the Annexation of Central America were to occur, which he thoroughly believed in. Meanwhile, Lincoln attacks with his enduring thought of slavery being "unconstitutional".

Stephen Arnold Douglas was "born on a farm near Brandon, Vermont" and later in his middle years "in the interest of becoming a lawyer, he moved to Illinois"(Gabor S. Boritt). Further on, he became a main leader in the Democratic Party in Illiois.

Douglas felt the need for the annexation of Central America and Cuba. He saw this as a crucial element in keeping slavery alive and growing. During his debates with Lincoln in 1858, Stephen Douglas was fighting for his belief in slavery, as it kept the U.S. growing. However, when the Civil War broke out, his opinion changed and saw through the eyes of Lincoln to end slavery. Douglas later died less than two months after the start of the Civil War on June 3, 1861.

Leah Bernal

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Harriet Tubman was born Araminta Harriet Ross. Although her date of birth is unknown people have led to believe that she was most likley born in between years 1820 and 1825. Araminta had a hard life filled with suffrage and pain. One day she was at a store while there was an escaped slave running from his master, the master yelled at her to stop him, while Harriet did nothing to stop him so the master threw a solid brick at her and she had brain related injuries and illnesses all of her life. She later escaped her master along with her brothers. There was a reward for whoever found the three of them so scared her brothers went back. Araminta decided to stay and later changed her name to Harriet.
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