What we've done in ELA 1 and 2

By: Rylee Dawn Simmons

what we have learned in ELA

Here at ESMS in sixth grade we have three ELA teachers. Ms. Hurd, Ms. Shehan, and Mrs. Hartman. So far they have taught us how to visualize, make predictions and inferences, we learned how to identify authors perpous, what your inner voice is, how to ask questions, how to make connections, and how to find the main idea of a text. We also took our first maze test on August 29, 2015. A maze test is a passage that you read and there is missing words in the passage. When you get to the missing word there is three choices that could fit in the blank. You have three minutes to complete this test.

My favorite part of sixth grade!

My favorite part of sixth grade so far is gym class because we get to try new things like foot ball and softball. We have never played these sports in past grade levels.

What we have done so far


We have made a foldable with the seven reading strategies, predict, visualize, question, connect, evaluate, identify, and infer.

Pre test

We have taken a pre test for reading to help us with our real test. Because of the pre test I feel very confident that I will get a good score on my test.