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Phi Gamma Chi || SFSU Beta Chapter || Summer 2013

Presented to you by the Spring 2013 Active Cabinent

Spring 2013 Reflections

Hello Sisters,

I hope you all are having an enjoyable summer. My name is Beighley Repp, I crossed Fall 2011 with the Beta Alpha Zeta class and have had the honor of being the Spring 2013 President. This last semester the Active Cabinet spent much of their time and energy diligently working hard in preparation for our 20 Year Anniversary and especially our philanthropy of the semester. We had the privilege of working alongside Habitat for Humanity and supporting their wonderful cause. We got our hands dirty starting off the first build in the Habitat Terrace District. We hope to continue this project throughout the two year expectancy, and see the project grow from the first build to the last. We also raised $154 dollars selling root beer floats to contribute to the philanthropy's success. The Spring 2013 Active Cabinet was very proud to be involved and see their hard work tangible and become the foundations for many San Francisco families.


Beighley Repp

Snoop Dog

Fall 2011 Beta Alpha Zeta

20 Year Anniversary Celebration

Hello beautiful Phi Chis!

My name is Aralyn and I am the Spring 2013 Vice President. This past semester, the Active Cabinet and I have worked hard to prepare for our upcoming special events. We will be celebrating our sorority's 20th anniversary in October in Napa Valley. This event will be an amazing opportunities to reconnect with our dearest sisters. If you have any questions about the upcoming events, please email the sorority account! Have a great summer and I hope to see you there!

Aralyn Austin

SS Bob

Beta Alpha Zeta

20 Year Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, Oct. 6th, 3-6pm

1075 California Boulevard

Napa, CA


Dressy Casual Attire Preffered

Working PHI CHI'S!

Hello my dear sisters,

My name is Cindy Cheung & I was the Treasurer for Spring 2013 as well as the Co-Treasurer within Fall 2012. This semester we focused on raising most of our money toward our 20 year anniversary. I’m proud to say that within the last year we have raised over $4000!! We’ve done various fundraisers such as working the Giant’s games with the collaboration of the Nursing Student Association introduced to us by fellow sister and alumni Krystal Tigno. Throughout my active career, I can truly say how glad I am that we have continually upheld our commitment to these Giant’s Games. 80% of our funds come from these games, and I’d like to give a special thank you to all the in-actives who have lended a hand by participating in them. We would not of been as successful without your help. Through lots hard work our wonderful active cabinet has tabled for a variety of fundraisers which were unique enough to draw in many students. We’ve sold cup of noodles, nachos, and root beer floats through out the semester. We also ended our semester with a Club Event where we all had some sisterly bonding time. The Active Cabinet has had many creative ideas and I can not wait to see what else they have in store. Thank you sisters for all of your support during this semester whether it was purchasing an American Apparel sweater through our fundraiser, standing with us during tabling, or even liking our fundraising events/posts. I hope to continue to see all the support from you wonderful sisters as well as the the growth with in the semesters to come.

Your Sister Always,

Cindy S. Cheung


Beta Alpha Zeta

Introducing: Beta Alpha Iota Class

Congratulations to our Beta Alpha Iota class for becoming a part of our sorority for the Spring 2013 semester! On June 18th, at 4:57 A.M., six strong women proved themselves to the pledge committee, the active cabinet, as well as sisters involved in this semesters pledge process, that they have new contributions to the sorority, as well as sisterhood within themselves and with sisters who have crossed before them.

It was a very rewarding experience to be pledge master, and to be able to guide these six girls throughout this process. Shelby, Kaira, Kimy, Vanessa, Faviola and Alex have experienced ups and downs in this process, but myself and the active cabinet are more than excited to see the wonderful things our Neos contribute to the sorority for future semesters to come.

I would like to say a special thank you to all of the sisters who was involved with this pledge process; whether it was your attendance, opinion, or advice to keep me sane, I am beyond grateful for everyone's help. Once again, congratulations to the BAI class, and welcome to our sisterhood!

Pledge Master,

Candice Aparicio


Beta Alpha Gamma

Alexandra Chan

Age: 18

Birthday: October 24, 1994

Major at SFSU: Philosophy

Ethnic Background: Filipino, Chinese, German, Swiss, and Spanish

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Filipino

Fun Fact: Loves dancing in her room but will never admit it if she gets caught!

RIP NAME: Pickatwo

Because she resembles the Pokemon, Pikachu and sounds like the squeaky character. The two is for "number 2" because she would take pictures while pooping and because it her second time pledging.

Kimy Iniguez

Age: 19

Birthday: June 22, 1994

Major at SFSU: Undeclared at the moment with interest in Biology and minoring in Music

Ethnic Background: Mexican

Favorite Color: Purple/Burgundy

Favorite Food: Sushi

Fun Fact: Has played soccer for 10 years and plans on joining the intramural team at SF State

RIP Name: C3POh - (pronounced: see-three-pee-oh)

The whole name is from the character from Star Wars, because she would move like a robot. The C is for Curly, from "The Three Stooges", because of her very curly hair. The 3 is because she lost her virginity at an elementary school, so 3 years old (a playground for toddlers) P is for pigeon, because she would bob her head around like a pigeon, while being tested. The Oh, is because anything we would say to her, her response would be "Oh," but in a way where it took her a while to understand.

Kaira Dyar

Age: 20

Birthday: August 19, 1992

Major at SFSU: Health Education with emphasis on Community Health

Ethnic Background: Half African American, Half Panamanian

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Mexican, Italian, and Chine

Fun Fact: Loves to have dinner for breakfast


Jazzy, short for the singer, Jazmine Solomon, who sings the song "Bust Your Windows," because back when she was younger, she came to her ex-boyfriends house with a baseball bat and busted the windows of his car, which is like the lyrics to the song "I'll bust the windows to your car." and The Jazz in Jazzy is for "Jazz Hands," because when she would greet sisters, she would jerk her hand vigorously up and down!

Shelby Foster

Age: 18

Birthday: November 26, 1994

Major at SFSU: Kinesiology

Ethnic Background: Hispanic and Welsh

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Mexican

Fun Fact: Went to Junior Olympics for Nordic Skiing her freshman year.


The CC stands for Crimson Chin, because of her long chin, and the staxxx is because her face is flat like a pancake (stack of pancakes). It is spelled with three XXX's because while she was pledging, she would wear this turquoise liquid eyeliner and had a Marilyn Monroe piercing, that made her resemble a porn star.

Vanessa Estrada

Age: 20

Birthday: May 21, 1993

Major at SFSU: Chemistry

Ethnic Background: Mexican

Favorite Color: Red & Bright Green

Favorite Food: Tacos de carne asada

Fun Fact: She originally lives a few blocks from the Mexican border, and gets to see border patrol in action. Also, her summers average around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

RIP Name: limOn

Her rip is limOn because of the sour face she would make when she was being tested (sour like a lemon) and because she had yellow fever (liked asian guys) in high school. The O is capitalized because it stands for Obsessive. There was this girl who she was obsessed with because she would flirt with her boyfriend constantly.

Faviola Higareda

Age: 19

Birthday: July 19, 1994

Major at SFSU: Undeclared with interest in Nursing

Ethnic Background: Hispanic

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Vegetarian (Loves bean and cheese burritos!)

Fun Fact: She has an elephant shaped birthmark


The U and the B are capitalized because she resembles the actress America Ferrera from the TV series "Ugly Betty." The Um is because she would say "Um" consistently while speaking. Bug, literally means bug, because she would bug and annoy sisters, with her excuses and comments.

Thanks for reading! And remember to always stay Phi Chi Fabulous!