1840's and 1850's Boi

Societal, Political, and Economic Factors

Societal Factors of the 1840's and 1850's

Fredrick Douglass- Abolitionist, author and orator, became a world renowned anti-slavery activist by the age of 20 after his escape from slavery. Douglass being an anti slavery activist, started a movement to abolish all slavery. Douglass doing this would effect multiple societal factors.

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In the 1840's, the women's rights movement was in its early stages of development. Women weren't granted the rights of the typical white male citizen and were in need of people to initiate the ending of their discrimination. Two women who were delegates at the World Anti-Slavery convention eventually got together to lead the first ever Woman's Rights convention at Seneca Falls, New York.

~Economic Factors~

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Westward expansion in the 1840's led to the discovery of gold in the lands of California. The Gold Rush contributed to the economy by attracting multiple Americans and immigrants to the west. The men and women trying to obtain these riches had to spend money to make it, fueling the economy with more income.

Irish immigration (Potato Famine)

Ireland's diet depended on mostly potatoes all the way from lower class to upper class. The constant cultivation of the potato crop reduced genetic variety leaving the Irish susceptible to famine. Famine later struck and killed many by starvation and killed others by disease. The famine led to a massive immigration of Irish people to America, this boosted the economy due to the increase in citizens in the workforce.

Political Factors Yo

Compromise of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 was a package containing 5 separate bills passed by the US Congress which defused a four year confrontation between slave and free states in regards to the status of territories acquired during the Mexican-American War. The bills helped to reduce sectional conflict however, caused a spike in controversy throughout the government over the topic of the Fugitive slave provision.

Uncle Toms Cabin bruh

Uncle Toms Cabin was a anti-slavery novel which started the ground work for the civil war. The novel shows the people the reality of slavery and tries to persuade that the enslavement of human beings is destructive. The south was very against this novel for it was against what they wanted. This novel would later be a cause of the Civil War over slavery.