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Action Plan

Hello Ron & Laurel,

Contained in this message is information regarding selling your home and purchasing a new home. I spent some time evaluating your neighborhood and have included an analysis of recent sales attached to this email. Also attached to the email is our Buyer Guide Brochure. If you could please provide details of what you are looking for in your new home and let me know if you have any questions.



Selling Side: Things to do Before going on Market:

  1. Have Interior Designer come in and do a free evaluation & provide a checklist to get home organized and ready for the market
  2. Have Wood Floors Refinished in Living room to get water stains & scratches from dog out
  3. Get damaged trim & back door in hallway repaired
  4. Get carpets steamed & cleaned upstairs


I believe based on what has been selling in your neighborhood you could list your home for $639,900 and receive offers around the $620,000-$630,000 range. I would ask that the dog need to be out of the house for all showings, if possible. I know you were discussing if you were going to buy without selling the home first as well.

Buying side:

If you could give me an idea of what you would be looking for in purchasing a new home that would be helpful. I have attached a brief survey where you can select pricing and features you are looking for in your next home. I know you definitely want larger and a lake view. I can put feelers out without having to let anyone know you are moving, so we can keep this process discrete.

Please follow this link to complete our survey: buyer-questionnaire

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Estimated Closing Costs w/ Purchase Price of $635,000

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Keep in mind these numbers are a rough estimate and do not include all payoffs, utilities, association fees, Property Tax Proration/Credit and mortgages owed.

The Title Company will pay any and all bills at time of closing from proceeds.

***These are all rough estimates and not final numbers. The Title insurance quote includes that Seller provided copy of prior Title Insurance Policy.***

What The David Eyrise Team Will Provide:

  • Commission will be 5% if co-broke has buyer or 3% if David produces buyer
  • Sign will be placed in your front yard
  • Interior & Exterior photos will be taken & edited of your home
  • 3D Virtual Tour of Home (example of 3D tour)
  • David will provide a 1 year Home Warranty at Agent's cost that will cover home during listing contract and 1 year after closing for buyer
  • We are available to arrange Open Houses and Broker's Opens at your discretion
  • Advertising in Milwaukee Magazine, M Mag and the Business Journal

The David Eyrise Team

Thank you again for taking your time to view our action plan. Again, please feel free to contact us with questions.