Documentary Analysis

Sydney Ruchala


Through The Hunting Ground the elements of pathos, statistic, and personal interviews show that college campus should be held responible for rapes that are on campus or by kids that go to that college

Personal Interviews

The personal interviews were very strong thorught The Hunting ground because they got interviews from the girls/guys that were sexually assluted, also getting interviews from girls that were making a difference and trying to fix the problem of rape on the campus. Another interview was with the deans were they basically said yes they said something but we dont do anything because we have to keep a good face on for incoming students.


The Hunting Ground contects with your feelings by mulitply was like right at the beginning they played graduation music as if it was telling you that another chapter in your life was finsihed. Also when you were seeing the girls cry as they talk about what happened when they were sexual assluted. Also in the doucumentary there are two girls that make a differnce in all of this and stand up for all the girls or guys that were sexual assaulted on colllege campus.


A couple statistics that the doucmentary showed was, More than 16% of cllege women were sexually assaulted while in college. 88% of women sexually assaulted on campus do not report. Then lastly In 2015, 45%of colleges reported zero sexual assaults (Washington post 2014)