Module Three

Week Two

Welcome to Module Three!

Welcome to Module Three. We are about half-way through the term. Don't forget you want to keep working on your Midterm Exam. Starting now will help alleviate your stress next week!

We will move into documentation and storage this week. Finding good sources is important. Storing those sources, especially when they are images or graphics, can be tricky. If you have been thinking about trying cloud storage, this is really the module to consider how to use cloud storage and the best option for you. Think about your needs and your comfort level with technology.

Stage Three

We are now in the third stage of your final project. This module, you will focus on documentation. One way to make an impact on your reader is by using an infographic. For more on infographics, please take a look at the free app called

Think about how the infographic can be used to convey more information than your text.

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