"In the end, passion and hard work beats out natural talent"


I plan to attend Texas A&M to major in Visualization.

I will need to complete four years of college to receive my Bachelor's degree.

A higher level of degree is not required.


I plan to live in Texas to gather more skills in animation and then eventually move away to San Francisco.

I want to live in San Francisco because it's the largest city closest to Pixar Studios.

Pixar is located in Emeryville which would be my second choice of living.


Animators can work in film, television or with special effects. I specifically want to go into film to work on cartoon animation. Some animation careers that interest me are 3D animation, 2D animation and stop motion animation. Stop motion animation is a long process that requires the animator to take a picture then move the object. Eventually putting the pictures together to make the object look like it's moving.

Pursuit in Career

I was fourteen years old in the eighth grade. I remember I was sitting on my couch watching Up. I remember how happy and sad that movie made me feel, it was then that I realized that there are people that make these animations for a living. I wanted to learn how they could make a person feel a certain way for a character. Since then I've looked into what it takes to work at Pixar. This year was also the year my parents gave me an iPad for my birthday, I started making short thirty second stop motion animations. Today, I'm still making animations and sharing them with my peers. Although Pixar has never made a stop motion animation, I know I'll be happy working with any type of animation.