Digital Communications

What I Know About It! By Seth Gosnell


Well first off copyright is when you use someones work and don't give them any credit or acknowledge them. But you can could use bits and pieces in like a song that you are using. Just not the whole thing.

Fair use

Fair use is like what I was talking about in copyright. About how you could use bits and pieces of a song and not get into any trouble for it. Or get your video or whatever taken down. This can also apply if someone doesn't copyright their work. Then its fair use.


Piracy is when you download/torrent something without paying for the products. For example, if you get all your music from some website that sells it for free. Your pirating that music and that is illegal. Unfortunately. This also applies to movies you are downloading without paying and even games too.


Plagiarism is when you steal someones written work. Such as to say you are typing up some kind of essay. So you go find some relative information on the internet and copy and paste it to your essay. That is plagiarism. There could be some pretty heavy consequences to this, like getting kicked out of college. Or getting fired from somewhere.

Digital Footprint

Your digital foot print is a trail of what you do online left behind. This includes post you've posted on any website. Comments you've said online, and websites you've been to online. It is very important you have digital foot print it could really effect you later in life. Suppose you go to a college or a job. The first thing they look at is your activity online. Lets hope its good for your sake of getting that job, or getting enrolled into college. Whats your digital foot print?