All About Krokodil

By Nick Krietz

what krokodil is all about

This drug is a flesh zombie eating its made by a nasty homemade version of a painkiller.

This drug dose a lot of damage to your body it causes blood vessel damage gum/tooth loss overdose death limb amputation and many more. The street names all called Russian magic, desomorphine, flesh eater, rotter, zombie. Krokodil was made by the Russians after a heroin storage it was made out of lighter fluid codein gasoline paint thinner and iodine.

Why is it use?

Its highly addictive and three times cheap as heroin and its coming a international problem. once injected it begins eating the body from the inside. The common place to find this is in Ohio Oklahoma Texas Illinois Arizona Missouri and Mississippi. This drug can be bought at 6-8 dollars per injections.

Frequently asked questions

When did it become popular that was in 2003. How is it use buy injection buy needle. It got in the us buy a supply ship from Russia
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