The harmful creation

Learn what it is and how it affects you


Tobacco and how it affects you

Tobacco is a harmful chemical that can change your whole life. it can hurt your heart your lungs and make your appearance look bad. Your friends will not want to hang out with you,you will not make new friends . Also you have less of a chance of getting a job and your family could not want to be around you.

Effects on you when you partner up with tobacco

Once you take your first puff your immediately are addicted from the nicotine in tobacco and it seems like you can never stop.Over your skin will start to age and change color your mouth and teeth will start to decay and your breath will smell rotten.You will be out of shape and your finger nails will start to yellow.

Your state of mind when you smoke tobacco

When you smoke (or chew) tobacco there is a dangerous chemical in it called nicotine what it does is cause addiction and it can affect you mentally because if you try to stop just on your own with nothing else to help you stop you will feel like your going insane if you do not smoke also it can affect you mentally because your brain will be always thinking that you need to smoke. It can affect you emotionally because nobody will want to be your friend and that will make you sad and if you get cancer you will be shocked.

This is what happens when the creation enters the body then your life

Do you know what you are doing when you are smoking ? you are putting over 4,000 chemicals in your body. If you keep on doing this you will end up having cancer and you will be more at a risk of getting a heart attack. Some dangerous effects are getting lung,jaw or heart cancer and when you get the news your life will be changed forever. Another danger is that when you keep on smoking regularly your lungs will be covered in this tar like substance and your body cannot take exercise and this will affect you emotionally,mentally and physically which is the health triangle and that means smoking will affect your whole life.
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