Senior Project Final Product

By: Chelsi Johnson

These are plain curls on my manequin sophia

putting the curls on took a minute because the hair needed more heat but I had to stay in the range so it wouldn't burn out the hair. After this hair style I made sure to shampoo her with damaged hair shampoo and regular shampoo to make sure I washed out any unnecessary chemicals and after I let it air dry so it can relax for a few hours before I did another style

Curled bottom with braided bangs

I curled the bottom layers and and braided the bangs back to kinda give it a simple yet fancy hair styles. I got the idea from several pics and it took me several tries to get the bangs right and make sure you brush and comb ur hair and that took time because her hair was naturally frizzy and I can't put too much heat on it without burning out the hair. You curl the whole hair and then u have to careful braid ur bangs and they have to be certain lengths for it to work and make sure u don't pull the whole hair into the braid or it will look wrong

These are the front and sides and backs of this style so you can see what it would look like

Other Different Hairstyles

Twisted bangs

For those who don't know how or don't have the time to braid your bangs back you can just twist them and they come out exactly the same
Big image

Other quick hairstyles

From when your hair is still wet and your rushing to a fancy lose bouncy curls. The one on the far left is for if your rushing and your hair is wet you care throw it into a quick braid and go and it's hard than it looks especially if u have wavy or curly hair when it's wet you need to spray it with set angler and comb and brush it a lot and then braid it. The other two pics are pics of lose candy curls and they are not like the first one you have to make sure the hair is washed and shampoo correctly and let it air dry so the heat won't dry it out and then take the flat iron and go carefully through it or it will snap the hair