How to stop it

Is your child safe from school yard bullies when they are at home?

They should be but in many cases they are not.

According to Angie Bainbridge, Olympic swimmer and now part of the federal government’s cyber safety team, 43% of kids being cyber bullied. Cyber bullying is any kind of bullying or harassment performed using technology. It is becoming a big part of society with the number has risen greatly over the past years, from lots of children having access to mobile phones and texting. You also have a higher chance of being bullied online than in person, this is because of the rising use of social media.

Only 1 in 10 people who get cyber bullied tell a parent or a responsible adult. To prevent cyber bullying here is a helpful tip. Read the terms and conditions, if you don’t it can have serious effects on your real life. E.g. the Facebook terms and conditions state the any photo you post the have the right to and can sell it. “This happened to a small group of girls, they were driving down to Melbourne and saw their faces on a billboard” quoted Angie Bainbridge, Australian Federal Police force officer in the department of cyber safety.

Cyber Bulling is not just growing in the Newcastle area or the hunter it is growing everywhere. As the Future generation of Novocastrians grows up we must educate them, if we don’t the Internet will be as risky as a swimming in shark infested waters.