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Issue 7, 29 May 2020

Principal's News

We are nearing the end of Remote Learning, with one more week until we welcome our final years of students back to campus. Who would've thought at the start of the year that we would have all been a part of the Covid pandemic and the restrictions it brought with it?!

For some students remote learning has been a great success, others have found it hard! Returning to school is much awaited for some students and for others they are quite settled at home.This is very normal and typical of students across not only Australia but the world as we all begin to navigate some form of normalcy back into our lives. With students returning to school, our staff focus is on supporting each child's well-being whilst kick starting classroom learning routines and habits as quickly as possible.

Please do not be worried about possible 'missed work' or potential 'gaps'. Teachers will ensure skills for each curriculum area are covered and our children's education will not suffer, in fact, we are confident our children will come out in front! Students have had to adapt to new ways of working, deal with drastic changes to their daily routines, communicate using technology as the primary means and navigate learning in a whole new way! They have developed resilience, independence, our children have created new routines and habits, a whole new vocabulary with words like isolation, pandemic and social distancing!

Learning is beyond the four walls of a classroom, while challenging and not our choice, I would encourage you to see this time as a time of growth for your children, celebrate their adaptability (and your own)!

As IB Learners we strive to demonstrate attributes that include being inquirers, risk-takers, communicators, reflective, principled and caring learners. Term 2 has given our students the opportunities to develop all these areas plus some!

Eloise Beveridge

Return to School

Thank you to all of our parents and carers who have supported the return to school procedures so positively, we are truly blessed to have such supportive families! It has been amazing to see our younger students develop such resilience and independence this week, walking into school carrying their bags and smiling from ear to ear!

We are very excited to now welcome our Year 3-10 students back to school on Tuesday, 9 June. The return to school procedures, aligning with Government guidelines will remain in place for all of Term 2, at the very least.

The following summary provides an overview of these procedures to allow us to support a gradual and safe return to learning for our community:

  • Sanitizing stations provided for each classroom
  • On site cleaners wiping high touch surface areas multiple times each day in addition to regular daily cleaning
  • Playgrounds - cleaned each day
  • No large gathering events such as Assembly, Chapel, excursions until further notice
  • Students are to be dropped off and picked up while parents remain in vehicles
  • Parents / Carers are requested to come on site for essential visits ONLY
  • Canteen - We encourage that families pre-order all items, any over the counter sales will follow the social distancing and hygiene procedures in place
  • Both the drive through areas (main gate and Sunset Hall) will be staffed to support the smooth transition of cars using these areas at drop off and pick up times
  • The pedestrian gate at Le Pedeleure Ave remains open and is staffed before and after school as well, parents are asked to wait for students at their parked vehicles

We will continue to communicate any changes to families as the various stages of restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your support of our staff in this time.

Uniform Shop Appointments

Noones have reopened the Uniform Shop at Trinity Lutheran College by appointment only. To book your appointment please use this link: this will continue until the end of term.

Students in years 3 to 10 please make sure you have tried on your winter uniform before the first day of school.

Online ordering can be posted or collected from front reception.

Cross Country

Plans are underway to host our annual Cross Country here on campus in the last week of school! Ms Schultz and Mrs Crozier will have all the details for us very soon but in the meantime there is no time like now to start some training.

School Photo Update

Academy Photography has let the college know that due to Covid-19 production of school photos is well behind. College photos are now anticipated to be delivered in the next 3-4 weeks. We will notify all families as soon as they arrive.

NEW MENU!!!! Home Meals from the Heart

Have you tried a Home Meal from the Heart? Our Canteen staff are offering take home hearty meals that are prepared fresh daily. Use the button below to see the flyer and order form.

Home Meals from the Heart Flyer and Order form

Orders to be placed by Monday at 9am each week

A Message from Camp Australia

As per the recent State Government advice, from the 26th May, children in prep – grade 2 will return to on-site schooling. Children in grade 3 – 6 who can learn from home must continue to do so, with their return expected to be from the 9th June.

Our services remain open to all families for the contracted OSHC operating hours. However, should our services start to reach capacity, as per the latest Federal Government advice, we will need to give priority of access to “children of working parents, vulnerable and disadvantaged children that need early education more than ever and parents with pre-existing enrolments.” Should parents require Outside School Hours Care, they must visit the Parent Portal to register their current status.

Should you need to change your requirements, please contact Meg Hardy on

Application for Enrolment

First step to enrolment at Trinity is to complete the Application for Enrolment and return to the College with accompanying documents and pay the $33.00 application fee.