Terry Fox School Run

Date: Thursday, September 26th, 2013 (During the Afternoon).

A single dream. A world of hope. The Terry Fox Foundation.

The Terry Fox Run is for Cancer Research, since the money is used to help find a cure for cancer. This is a very important cause, becasue many people are either affected by it themselves, or by someone they know. This foundation has raised over $600 million for cancer research. Terry Fox was an indiviadual who  diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) in his in 1977 and had his leg amputated. After this he started running across Canada to raise money for cancer research, which he called the  Marathon of Hope. Sadly, he could not finish his journey and because the cancer spread to his lungs.


You can donate to the Terry Fox Foundation by two ways. You can donate by collecting the donations online (http://www.terryfox.org/SchoolRun/run_participants.html) or by just getting the donations manually through pledge sheets. Also, there is no fee to enter the Terry Fow Run though we prefer a donation of at least $2.
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