Declartion Of Independence

By my opinion to sign or not

My attack with the Britsh

I know people say have the British is nice but they are so willful, surly, and made us give up some money. They were supposed to make me feel better but of course I felt chicken -hearted when I saw them. They made give my house for a meeting. They said they were attacking the patriots on December 4th. We the Darraghś were neutral on the war but we knew we had to help the patriots.

My Meet with The Patriots

My mum the next day sneaked out by saying she needed flour. She met Colonel Thoma Craig and shared the news. He passed it to General Washington. So the Patriots trusted us. I went to help my mum and I almost tripped over a rock but a patriot saved me. They were all busy preparing for the war but they gave up some of their time to help me.
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Final Desicion

Yes I am going to sign the declaration because Britsh give my family freedom and all we ever wanted is freedom. Even if some people in my family are with British I am not.

Thomas Jefferson

Dear Thomas Jefferson,

I´ve heard you were writing Declaration to help the patriots and looking for people to sign.

May I suggest that I may sign. I know I am just a kid and don´t have many as rights as you to sign but please. The British have been terribly mean to our family and I want to representative our family for freedom. I don´t care if the Britsh kills me or says something I want to the sign the Declaration of Independence. If I sign I will help you to find more people to sign. I am terribly persuasive when it comes to helping people.


Shrinidhi Darragh