How to Describe A Room in ASL

By Ashley Jung-Lebowski

Step 1:

First you need to sign what room you will be talking about.

Ex: Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, etc.

Step 2:

You must sign what you see from where you enter. It could be furniture, a poster, a window, almost anything.

Step 3

Next, you must sign the furniture and objects found in that room. You can either sign from left to right, or right to left. Most of the time, people sign from left to right. It is also important to note, using classifiers to describe a room is needed.
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Classifiers are handshapes used to describe shape, size, motion, or location of something. Some common classifiers used for describing rooms include: Flat B, A, Crooked V.

Still confused on Classifiers?

This video shows more examples of classifiers, and can help you understand a little more about how classifiers work and how to use them properly.
ASL Classifiers (CLs) for Furniture & Objects

A bit of a review

Here's a quick wrap up of how to describe a room using classifiers in ASL.

1: Sign what room you want to describe

2: Sign what you would see from you entering point (the door)

3: Sign the objects and furniture in the room, and describe them using classifiers.

(Optional Step)

2.5: If your room is irregularly shaped, sign the shape of it.

If you are still confused on the whole process in general...

Click this website for some more examples and information.

Have Fun!