Neil armestrong

by: Noah

Neil Armestrong

Do you know who Neil Armstrong is he is most known for going to the MOON the first time ever in the world !!!!!! he went to the moon 2 times in his whole life. His whole life he had no enemies so you could be his friend (if he was still alive (= ) he convinced me to do my dreams and there should be someone to convince you . he persuaded himself by flying a plane at the age 6 ! So I will tell you about him and all of his adventures!!

Neil's childhood

Neil was born August 5 1930 in Ohio he was interested in planes when he was young age he drove a plane at the age 6 he had 3 brothers and he was the oldest in all of them all . when he was older he went in to the USAF ( U.S AIR FORCE) wince he got out and went to university of southernCalifornia

Launch July 20 1964 / landing July 20 1969 on the moon / back on earth July 24 1969

Apollo 11 was the first rocket to the moon in the world

time line

  • born august 5 1930

  • drove a plane at the age 6

  • win't to University of Southern California

  • got married to Carol Held Knight

  • landed on the moon

  • got divorced and re-married to Janet Sharon.

  • died at the age 83 august 25 2012