SIG Overlake Update

Teaching Students, Not Curriculum!

Week 1

Dear Families,

We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July, and we can't believe we're already at the end of our first week. Whether it be designing engineering challenges, creating new superheroes, uncovering clues to mysteries, discovering chemical reactions, exploring the elements of design through websites, or choosing a company and following its stock, students have been asked to challenge themselves.

At SIG this week, while exploring new ideas, students set their own objectives for each class as do the instructors. In the following weeks, they will continue to engage in learning that will include complexity, challenge, creativity, depth, and acceleration based on each students own goals and needs.

Thanks once again, for coming to the instructor meet and greet this morning. Below, as requested is a profile of the faculty and staff at SIG Overlake this year.

Things to Note!

Traffic at Pick-Up

There will be another camp program on campus starting next week. This caused some traffic delays at pick up last year, but we will be working with the other camp to ensure a smoother ingress. There should be no problems leaving.

Closing Ceremonies

Please join us on the last day of class from 4:30 to 5:30 for our presentation of certificates and plaques as well as a chance to view student projects at the end.

Guess Who?


"Creativity takes courage." Henri Matise


Faculty and Staff Profile

Adam Pilskog - Instructor - Cracking Codes, Koalas..., What's Your Point?

This is Adam's third year with SIG! In his first year of teaching, Adam was fortunate to experience a gifted program in 8th grade and all subjects in the Lake Washington district. For the past four years, he has been teaching 8th grade in Seattle: mostly humanities, but also computers and keyboarding, science, math, health, and intervention support classes. He is looking forward to next year where he will be taking on 7th graders with his whole focus on social studies. Adam has been teaching for the past five years after working in HR for most of his twenties. He received his undergrad at WSU, an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and his K-8 Teaching certification from UW. He's lived in WA his whole life, and just recently purchased a beautiful home in Monroe with his wife of 2 years.

Mackenzie Speare - Instructor - Anticipating Algebra, Algebraic Expressions, Spying

This is Mackenzie's third year teaching at SIG. During the school year she teaches 4th, 5th, and 6th grade highly capable students in Snohomish school district. She has 8 years of teaching experience. She got her undergraduate degree in history from Western Washington University and her masters degree and certification from City University.

Amy Holliday - Instructor - Under the Sea, The Detective, Spying

This is Amy's second summer with SIG at Overlake! During the school year, Amy works at Ben Franklin Elementary in a pull-out enrichment program for the gifted students of the Lake Washington School District. This will be Amy's fourth year teaching that program, after graduating from Western Washington University with a BA in Elementary Education Studies in 2010. In her spare time, Amy loves running (she's running a half-marathon on July 14th), reading crime novels, and eating dairy-free sorbet.

Joanna Beard - Instructor - Speaking/Writing/Empowering, To the Rescue, Get Theatrical

Joanna is returning to SIG for her second year. She recently received her K-8 teaching certificate from the University of Washington. During the regular school year, she teaches 7th grade language arts and social studies at Inglewood Middle School in the Lake Washington School District. Joanna is also an alum of The Overlake School.

Keri Legg - Instructor - Curious Chemist, Simple Machines, Art Alley

Keri currently teaches in the Lake Washington School District and was part of the gifted program. She received her teaching degree at Western Washington University. Keri is excited to be back for her second year with SIG!

Luisa Santos - Instructor - Online Design, Web Game Design, Rocks & Minerals

This is Luisa's second year at SIG. She had such a blast as a Program Assistant last year that she wanted to return as an Instructor. During the regular school year, Luisa is a middle school teacher in California. She also coaches girls' basketball and teaches hip-hop dance. This year, Luisa is also a Program Assistant for Sports Stop.

Emily Chambard - Instructor - Building Blocks of Engineering, Sports Stop

Emily is currently studying International Relations and Spanish at Claremont McKenna College in California. She was involved in Destination Imagination for three years and has played competitive volleyball for 7 years. She is an alum of The Overlake School. Emily is also a Program Assistant for Simple Machines and Koalas, Kangaroos, and Crocodiles, and she is happy to be returning to SIG for her second year!

Maddy Berry - Program Assistant - Online Design, Speaking/Writing/Empowering, To the Rescue, Get Theatrical!

Maddy is currently a junior at the University of Puget Sound. She is studying Psychology. She is an Overlake alum and this is her third year as a program assistant at SIG.

Connor Wilson - Program Assistant - Anticipating Algebra, Algebraic Expressions, Spying, Sports Stop!

Connor is a sophomore at Santa Clara University. He is studying mechanical engineering. This is Connor's second year as a program assistant at SIG.

Anita Lo - Program Assistant - Under the Sea, The Detective, Spying, Get Theatrical!

Anita is a sophomore at Harvard University. She is planning to study history and literature. She is excited to be working as a program assistant for her first year at SIG.

Brooke Thayer - Program Assistant - Cracking Codes, Web Game Design, What's Your Point!

Brooke is about to begin her junior year at the University of San Diego majoring in History and minoring in Classical Studies. She is excited to join the SIG family.

Mitch Worthy - Program Assistant - Building Blocks of Engineering, Curious Chemist, Rocks/Minerals/Crystals, Art Alley!

Mitch is a sophomore at the University of Washington. He is a business major with a minor in psychology. It is Mitch's first year as a program assistant at SIG.

Kelsey Garcia - Office Manager

Kelsey graduated from Fordham University in May 2012 with a BA in International Studies and Spanish along with a minor in International Humanitarian Affairs. During college she studied in Spain, Korea, Ecuador, and Nicaragua and she someday hopes to have a career in international development. Kelsey is currently a seasonal employee at Walt Disney World Resort where she enjoys working as a character attendant. She previously worked as a campaign recruiter at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and recently completed her first 10K run to raise money for cancer research. This is Kelsey's first year with SIG and she is excited to be the office manager.

Anthony McGrann - Director

Anthony has been teaching for the past 18 years. He has attended school in four countries and has taught in two. He holds a science and education degree from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Master's Degree in Education from Seattle University. He has presented at local and national education conferences. Anthony is thrilled to be back for his third year with SIG.