Persuasive Writing Examples

examples of good persuasive writing

Example 1 (internet example)

As a senior at Patrick Henry High School, I’ve noticed that the greatest problem facing public schools is large class size. For the past three years, certain circumstances have allowed me to attend smaller classes in English and history. Now the pilot program is over, and I am once again enrolled in regular-size classes. Comparing the former experience with my current situation, in which my English class is comprised of more than 40 students, the advantages of smaller classes become readily apparent. In my current English class, effective teaching and learning have been sacrificed to the administrative advantage of fewer classes holding greater numbers of students. Although in terms of test scores the class has been deemed successful, student participation in such a large class is limited to a select few; individual conferences with the teacher are hard to get due to the sheer number of students; and papers take weeks to get graded. In smaller classes, however, it has been my experience that all students participate, classes are more focused and on task, and the teacher develops a closer relationship to the students. These factors allow students to learn and develop their abilities. They also allow teachers to effectively critique their students' work. Moreover, in small classes, students can develop working relationships with one another—a camaraderie nonexistent in larger classes. If the public school system were to cut class size in half, to approximately 15 to 20 students each, the benefits would manifest themselves immediately. If we wish to improve the level of education in public schools today, we must reduce class size.

Example 2 (my writing)

Homework is an important part of the learning process in schools. One reason is that homework gives students additional practice of skills covered in class. Some classes are too short to teach a new concept and practice it enough for students to master it. Students need practice in class and independent practice at home. In addition, since all students do not work at the same speed, giving students time at home to finish work keeps them from falling behind. Finally, the most important reason for homework is that it ensures review. New material and old material should be practiced in homework to make sure students understand all of the material covered from the year. Students who do their homework are prepared for tests and make better grades than kids who don’t complete homework. In conclusion, not only is homework essential to mastering new skills and maintaining previously learned skills, but it also guarantees constant review.

Example 3 (Other student writing)

The best vacation is a trip to the beach. There is a lot to do at the beach. You can go swimming, build a sandcastle, or maybe even go surfing. The beach is very relaxing. Many people enjoy listening to the sound of the ocean and lying in the sun. When you plan your next vacation, be sure to remember that the beach is your best choice.

Summarizing the examples

All of the examples are persuading the readers to either go somewhere or make a change. Each example included different ways to persuade people. Some use imagery to tell the reader how enjoyable something is, but in all the examples the author uses personal experience to seem credible to the audience. It's important to seem credible so people believe you and listen what you have to say.
By: NATALIE HERKLOTZ, Abby Green, and Leah Cole