Did anyone ever escape Alcatraz?

Dakota O'Reagan

The great escape of 1963

John Morris, John angling, and Clarence angling came up with the plan of escaping the prison located on the san Francisco bay on June 11 1963 they been working on pulling the air ducks out above they're cell. and making paper Mache body's of them to hide under the blankets to pose as them when they escaped so the guards wouldn't suspect anything. they also crafted a raft with rain coats when the guards discovered the prisoners missing they were already gone. the search went on for weeks until they found nothing but a piece of rubber and a wooden paddle from the raft. the escape still remains a mystery to everyone even today.... ---2History.com


1-American gangster al Capone played banjo in the inmate band

2-There was no confirmed prisoner escapes from Alcatraz

3-Alcatraz was named for the sea birds located on the island

4-After the island closed Native American activist took over it due to the occupational treaty stating that closed federal land to Native Americans.

5-Alcatraz was the home to the first lighthouse ever made in the early 1900s.

6-It was possible to swim to the shore of the san Francisco bay. In 1962 john Paul made the attempt and greased himself in fat to get between the window bars. after swimming to shore he was found laying on his back in cardiac arrest due to extreme exhaustion. every year hundreds due the 1.5 swim and are just fine.

7-Because Alcatraz had so many good things about it like the good food and privilege's of watching a movie once a month on good behavior along with getting to read any of the 15000 books they had to offer many inmates of other prisons requested to be moved to Alcatraz.