Nixie Wallace

Who am I

Who I Am

I am very confident with animals. I have very good judgement and patients. I have worked with animals the majority of my life. Growing up ive been around a lot of livestock, and in 2013 i won a livestock activity award and i made state but i had to be 14 to enter.

Where I'm going

A veterinarian is a licensed health professional that treats animals instead of humans. In 2012 the best paid vets were paid $144,100 and the lowest paid vets were paid $51,530. The outlook for vets is 12%. The work schedule is usually 8-9 hours a day. The work environment is mostly indoors but sometimes its outdoors.

How Do I Get there?

I am hoping to attend The University of Arkansas. It is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I want to go to this University, because its rather lose to home and I don't want to leave Arkansas. I do not need a particular class for my career at least not one that requires a certain school .I would need a bachelors degree in biology, chemistry, nursing, veterinarian science or science + graduate degree to be a vet. The tuition fee is $211.77 for a resident. I am hoping to qualify for a Agriculture and a Business Scholarship even though I don't know much about business it interest me.