Spread The Word To End The Word

Dont Be Rude!

Why Is It Important ?

What is Spread The Word To End The Word

  • Calling people names like retard or retarded is very disrespectful. Even if your just joking around with friends like " girl you acting so retarded" or " dude you a retard" special people with special needs take that too heart. So, in order to stop the R- Word we need to spread it to get everyone to stop saying it.Special children shouldn't be treated differently, We are all the same and we should all be treated equally.

Spread It !

Tuesday, May 21st 2013 at 9:45am

Milwaukee, WI

Come Help Us!


  • 10 minute meeting
  • 30 minute refreshments
  • Start fundraising and start having Fun! (:

We Are having a Fundraiser !

We are going to have a Fundraiser to sale shirts, Bracelets , belts, rings,hair bands, head band, and much more ! Come help us Spread The Word To End The Word.

Time : 9:00-6:30