Team Talk

The Road To Distinctions Week Of December 14, 2015

Finish Mustang Strong

Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at that moment.

This is the time of year when we give thanks and show our gratitude to family and friends. I am grateful for the efforts each and every one of you bring to the job every day. We just recently had an audit conducted of our Reconnection program and Attendance for Credit Plan and I am confident that the results will come back favorable. We have some of the best and brightest professionals in the district. It will be recommended that our campus be used as a model for the rest of the reconnection programs in the district. I am Mustang proud of all of the individuals involved in the reconnection and attendance committee.

Take the time this week to reflect on the first semester and determine the changes each of you will make personally to take yourselves and Roosevelt High School to the next level as we strive for distinctions.

During the break, take the time to enjoy family and friends. The holiday season is a great time for us to reflect on our blessings and to seek out ways to make life better for ourselves and those around us. It is also the time to do what you want, not look at a watch, design a lesson objective or Demonstration of Learning, but to sharpen our saws so that we may come back refreshed moving towards our vision.

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