Justine Larbalestier

Book Review by KeAsia Davis

Have you ever admitted to all of your lies? ALL of them? In the book LIAR written by Justine Larbalestier the main character is a big fat liar. She lies but only because she feels that she has too. Now that her friend guy is dead she wants to tell the truth about everything. And she has to find who killed her " friend " Zach.

Micah is a senior with a little problem. She's a wolf, but only in the summer when she goes to stay with her grans in the country, which she hates because she can't see her boo Zach. Micah really likes Zach but he unfortunately has a girlfriend, Sarah. Zach also has a best friend name Tayshawn; the hottie. Micah, Sarah, and Tayshawn all came together when Zach went missing. Nobody knew anything about what happened to him until he was found. Micah with her wolf senses suspected who the killer was. He was just like her.

LIAR by Justine Larbalestier