AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Maddie Begalka

How AIDS Affect People

* Eight out of every 10 children in the world whose parents have died of AIDS live in sub-Saharan Africa.

* 72% of all people that have AIDS live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

* 55% percent of people with HIV/AIDS are women.

* Average life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa is now 54.4 years and in some of the most heavily affected countries in the region life expectancy is below 49 years.

* Overall 5% percent of all people living in Sub-Saharan Africa has HIV/AIDS.

* Over 12 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa have been orphaned by AIDS.

* During 2011 alone, an estimated 1.2 million adults and children died as a result of AIDS-related illnesses in sub-Saharan Africa.

*Children may be removed from school to care for parents or family members, or they may themselves be living with HIV. Making children miss out on an important education.

Caring for the AIDS Affected Child