By: Arianna C, 8 period

The boy charged as fast as he could through the woods trying to escape the bullies who were chasing him. Everyday, kids are victims to bullying. Bullying is effecting kids all over the world.

Each day, about 160,000 people are victims to bullying, and over 3.2 million a year. Some people even stay home to avoid being bullied. Out of a survey, 17% of people say they are bullied 2-3 times a month.

Some effects of bullying are low self-esteem, anxiety, mental health issues ( such as depression or schizophrenia ) , and some commit suicide. If someone is impacted enough from bullying, they carry the experience of being bullied to adulthood and they become bullies themselves.

Many people ask, why do people bully if they get nothing from it? Author of Bullying and Cyberbullying , Elizabeth Englander, says " Bullying among children today is about feeling phychologically on top. So it's a really strong motivator in a lot of ways." Others say it's because they're jealous of them, or they want attention. Another reason is because they were bullied in the past, and they want revenge.

Some people bully just for the fun of it. Or because how the victim looks. Some characteristics of someone who is targeted are:

  • Shy
  • Quiet
  • Small
  • Doesn't have many friends
  • A different race
  • Unable to defend themselves

Because how many people are bullied, organizations about bullying prevention have been made. One of them is Olweus bullying prevention program. This orgganization can be found in Norway. Another one would be Roots and Empathy. This was founded in Canada, but it is also being used in Seattle, Washington.

Everywhere, people are becoming victims of bullying. Knowing about this information could prevent you, or someone else , from being bullied.


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