Animal Farm Proj. (By: Emily Lazenby)

About Napoleon

Napoleon is a Berkshire boar or pig

Napoleon always disagreed with another pig named Snowball

He got rid of Snowball by having his 9 trained dogs chase him out of the farm

He also got rid of Sunday meetings, debates, and a very important song: (The Beasts of England)

Did trades with other farms

Slaughtered many animals

Who Napoleon represents

Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin

Stalin was having a power struggle with Leon Trotsky (who represents Snowball)

He exiled him and then later had his secret police murder him

He made a five year plan that was designed to develop industries within the USSR in a short amount of time. He also planned to completely eliminate all religious expression (represents getting rid of the Beasts of England)

Many people died when he was in charge

Any enemies were quickly eliminated by the secret police (represents 9 dogs)


Understanding that this story is an allegory helps people who are reading animal farm see how the characters represent actual people and the events represent actual things. This helps to know what your reading and understand that this was not just a made up story.


Mr. Jones: Czar Nicholas the 2nd

Old Major: Vladimir Lenin

Napoleon: Stalin

Snowball: Trotsky