Jaynee Smothers

Daily Activities

They perform a wide variety of dental tasks, such as: Fill cavities, Pull teeth, Repair cracked or fractured teeth, Replace missing teeth, try to prevent dental disease.

Working Conditions

Interpersonal Relationships, Physical Work Conditions, Hours/Travel, Work Performance

Yearly Wages

Wages are greater than $187,200/year.

Preparation and/or training

Have a high school diploma or equivalent, complete at least two years of college, take science courses in college, graduate from dental school; and, pass a state exam to get a license.

5 Important Skills and Abilities

Communicate, reason and problem solve, work with people, use math and science, and perceive and visualize.

Recommended Core Classes and Electives

Core classes would be Entrepreneurship, and Introduction to Business. Electives would be nursing, safety and first aid.
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Getting Braces Installed - The First Visit - from Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics