Demonstration Plan - Rich Task

Deema @ Queensway's Medical Clinics

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time: 2:15 p.m.

Description of Activity: Handling a Patient's Chart

When an individual waits in line at the medical clinic to be registered it doesn't always mean they're there to see one of the many specialists the clinic offers. In fact, most of the time they've come to be directed elsewhere such as to (nurses, thrombosis clinic, the lab etc.) This demonstration will show you how every doctor or department requires different organization and handling with the patient's chart. I'll be walking you through the different ways with the help of a cheat sheet i've made for you, and a calm positive attitude when interacting with the patients. Follow the steps bellow and you'll be a pro in no time!


I have chosen to demonstrate the handling of patients charts because the clinic wouldn't be able to run as efficiently or at all without the organization and order it represents. It's something i've mastered due to the fact that it's the thing I do the most at placement.

Details of the Activity:

Details of the Activity:

  1. Greet the patient (ask how it is out, if it's their first time etc.)
  2. Ask for their health card
  3. One of the clerks will register the patient & let you know what they're here for
  4. If they're seeing a specialist at medical clinic: tell them to have a seat in the waiting room
  5. take the chart from the printer, staple their chart (white sheet, yellow sheet, pink sheet, labels respectively)
  6. Refer to the long list, find the doctor and patients name, add a check mark next to patients name, record the time of their appointment on the top of the patients chart.
  7. If patient has a black dot next to their name, find the referral and paper clip it to the back of their chart. If the referral is not from Trillium add a sticker/label on each sheet.
  8. Put full chart in a folder, place it either in/outside doctors room or call patient into the room (refer to the cheat sheet I made you).
  9. If the patient is going for only blood work; place an arm band on them, take a sticker from the paper of labels and place it at the top of the blood work requisition. Lastly direct them to follow the pink stickers on the wall to waiting room B.
  10. If patients just here for a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT); place an arm band on them, give them the sheet of labels and tell them to follow the pink stickers on the wall.
  11. If the patient is just here for the nurses; place an arm band on them, staple their full chart and give it to them. Lastly, tell them to follow the yellow stickers on the wall.
  12. If patients just here for the thrombosis clinic; place an arm band on them, give them the full chart and direct them to follow the blue stickers.
  13. If patient is going for an x-ray, before their appointment with a doctor write 'CXR' at the top of their chart next to the time and then leave it next to the long list.
  14. If a patient has to do blood work before the appointment write 'BW' on top of their chart and leave it next to the long list.
  15. If patient is going for a pulmonary functions test before their appointment write 'PFT'.
  16. If patient is going for a spirometry test before write 'Spiro'.
  17. REPEAT!!!

Required Materials

  • Patients health card
  • computer
  • printer
  • referral
  • patients cart

Special instructions for Co-op Teacher: None

Approved: Date, Time, and Activity

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