A Bird's Eye View

May 15, 2020

Mission Statement:

Empower. Encourage. Inspire.

Empowering students to be leaders

Encouraging leaders to pursue greatness

Inspiring greatness to change the world

From the Assistant Principal:

Dear Frankton Families,

I have enjoyed serving the Frankton Elementary community the last five years as assistant principal. Your families, students, teachers, and all community members have been amazing to work alongside throughout these years. It is with bittersweet feelings that I will not be returning to Frankton Elementary next school year. With that said, I am excited for my new adventure not too far away as the principal of Lapel Elementary. I have greatly enjoyed my time at FES and will cherish the memories I have made along the way. I will miss you all very much, and I am sad that I did not get to see you all at the end of this crazy year! I know there are greater things to come for Frankton Elementary. The memories and experiences I have from being a part of the Frankton Family will last a lifetime. Thank you for everything!

Thank you,

Mr. Bowman

From the Principal:

Dear Parents,

This will be our last newsletter of this school year. We have sure had an unforgettable year but have all pulled together to make the best of a challenging situation. I am so proud of our school and community and can't thank you enough for all of your support. We still do not know what the plans are for returning to school, but do know that things will be different. We will keep you informed and know that we'll all work together to do what is necessary to get back to school and learning.

I want to thank Kathy Stoops and Brenda Eckhardt for their combined 67 years of service to the students and families of Frankton Elementary. We wish them all the best in their retirement!

I also want to thank Mr. Joe Bowman, assistant principal, for his 5 years of work at Frankton Elementary. Mr. Bowman was very popular with students and supportive with staff. His work with instructional practices, technology, and Brain-Aligned Strategies have greatly impacted our students and staff. We appreciate all that he has done for our school and wish him all the best as he transitions to being the principal at Lapel Elementary for the 2020-21 school year.

I wish our students and families all the best this summer! Please stay safe and take care of yourselves. I hope to see you all next week when you return your Chromebooks and can't wait to see you next year.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Mrs. Podzielinski

Looking Ahead:

*May 19- Kdg. 8-11 AM/Door 1 (front of school)

1st 12-3 PM/Door 1 (front of school)

Life Skills 12-3 PM/Door 11 (back of school)

*May 20- Pre-K 8-11 AM/Door 1 (front of school)

2nd 8-11 AM/Door 15 (back of school)

3rd 12-3 PM/Door15 (back of school)

Food Pantry

*May 21- 4th 8-11 AM/Door 11 (back of school)

5th 12-3 PM/Door 11 (back of school)

6th 8-11 AM/Door 1 (front of school)

Last Day for School Lunches

*May 22- 6th Gr. Recognition Drive-Thru- 6:00

2020-21 Registration

Registration for the upcoming 20-21 school year is now open in your ParentVue account. Registration will remain open until June 15th. If your child will not be returning please let the elementary know. Currently I believe most of the initial bugs have been worked out, you do however have to start the registration process from a computer and not your phone, but it can be finished and submitted on your phone through the ParentVue app. If you need help activating your account or have other issues with registration the school office will be open for phone calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Tuesday, May 12th from 8:00 am to Noon, or you can email Keri at kbrobston@flcs.k12.in.us. Have a great and healthy summer!

Mrs. Brenda Eckhardt Retiring

Mrs. Eckhardt, our Student Support/Counselor/Advocate for Kids, will be retiring at the end of this school year. Mrs. Eckardt started her work at FLCS in the OLD Frankton Elementary building on Sigler Street in the 1995/96 school year. She said it was exciting to watch the building of our current school and the addition of the students from Leach Elementary. She has enjoyed her 24 years of working with kids and is privileged to have been a part of so many student's lives. Mrs. Eckhardt enjoyed working with the FES staff and will miss everyone.

We wish her all the best in her retirement and hopes she enjoys her time with her grandchildren, craft making, and lake house. She can now do what she wants to do!

We salute Mrs. Eckhardt for her ability to carefully listen, calm nerves and fears, wipe away tears, celebrate successes, and being a friendly, welcoming person in our school. We appreciate her dedication and work with our school and community.

From the Library:

I wanted to remind everyone to bring your library books back to the school when you return your chromebooks. If you left your book at school the classroom teacher will return it for you. I hope you have a great summer!

Readers for 5/8/20 - 5/15/20

1st Grade - Madelein Wilkin 930

2nd Grade - None

3rd Grade - Violet Sanders 144,560

4th Grade - Hayden Rinker-Noland 107,253

5th Grade - Jack Harrison 99,855

6th Grade - Payge Kendall 512,496

Top Readers for the Year Words

1 Payge Kendall (New 7 Million and New School Record) 7,569,707
2 Violet Schultz (New 3 Million) 3,000,552

3 Amber Bilyeu 2,854,854
4 Chelsea Newton 2,061,274
5 Grace Kessinger 2,006,423
6 Matthew Finney 1,748,106
7 Abigail Bailey 1,528,601
8 Elina Stohler 1,465,107
9 Carly Shuter 1,409,530
10 Violet Sanders 1,331,771
11 Sara Brown 1,314,022
12 Kalli Stoll 1,306,275
13 Elayna Rash 1,292,110
14 Davis Blockson 1,278,342
15 Issac Fair 1,269,092
16 Sophia Rush 1,254,595
17 Grayer Cline 1,235,123
18 Addison Voiles 1,188,101
19 Megan Parker 1,138,400
20 Katherine Parker 1,107,367
21 Drake Barnes 1,091,338
22 Dorian Jones 1,082,787
23 Jack Harrison (New 1 Million) 1,073,755
24 Neveh Baker (New 1 Million) 1,022,575

Recognizing Our 6th Graders

The sixth grade teachers would like to recognize our 6th graders with a Drive-Thru program on Friday, May 22nd in the back east (bus lot) parking lot around the curb to door 14. We ask that there is one car per family and that students remain in the car at all times. We will then have parents line up their cars for a police escort through the town of Frankton so that we can all congratulate our 6th graders for all their accomplishments.

Reminders for Drive-Thru Drop Off and Pick Up for Next Week

We will be using a Drive-Thru procedure for turning in school items and picking up student belongings. Each grade will be assigned a day, time frame, and door # to come to school. We will use the following schedule:

*May 19- Kdg. 8-11 AM/Door 1 (front of school)

1st 12-3 PM/Door 1 (front of school)

Life Skills 12-3 PM/Door 11 (back of school)

*May 20- Pre-K 8-11 AM/Door 1 (front of school)

2nd 8-11 AM/Door 15 (back of school)

3rd 12-3 PM/Door15 (back of school)

*May 21- 4th 8-11 AM/Door 11 (back of school)

5th 12-3 PM/Door 11 (back of school)

6th 8-11 AM/Door 1 (front of school)

*Door 1- located in front of the school

*Door 11- located in the back west lot (car rider lot)

*Door 15- located in the back east lot (bus rider lot)

We ask that parents drive their vehicles to their child’s designated area and get in line. We ask that parents and students remain in their car as you are waiting in line. A staff member will take your child’s Chromebook, charger, library books, and anything else that needs to be returned to school. A staff member will give you your child’s belongings in a bag. We have several items in the lost and found and will try to have these things displayed for you to identify and take home. Staff members will be wearing masks and gloves.

We have many families with children in multiple grade levels and want to limit the number of times you have to come to school. We will have all sibling belongings with the youngest child’s grade level. Here’s an example: I have a child in 1st, 4th, and 5th grades. I will drop off and pick up materials on May 19th from 12-3 for all 3 of my children. We know that some students may want to come at their scheduled time so they can say good-bye to their teacher and this is perfectly fine. We will all just need to be patient and flexible.

If you are unable to come to school May 19-21, we ask that you call the school so that we can make arrangements. It is important that Chromebooks, chargers, and library books be returned to school.

Food Pantry

Just a reminder that we will have our May Food Pantry on May 20th beginning at 3:30 in the front of the school. Please pull up to the curb and we'll load the food in your vehicle. The pantry is open to ALL Frankton families who have students at the Elementary, Jr. High, and High School.