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April 17, 2015

Survey Results. . .

As you know, surveys were sent to all teachers and families to solicit feedback on the new reporting document. I wanted to provide you with the themes that were evident from the feedback we received from almost 900 parents and 171 teachers! These themes will be the focus as we continue to discuss improvements to the document and the system.

Themes from teachers:

  • The new reporting document has positively changed some of the language used in the classroom. More daily learning objectives are aligned directly to the standards being assessed.
  • Moving away from letter grades has put more emphasis on consistent feedback from each learning activity.
  • Students are adjusting to the new language and many are seeing learning as a process rather than just a product you receive from an assignment.
  • The vast majority of teachers like the philosophy behind the move to a standards based system.
  • The time associated with learning a new reporting document and data entry into Infinite Campus has been significant.
  • There needs to be a continued effort to define meeting versus exceeding.
  • The main data entry screen in Infinite Campus needs to be addressed (size of font, headings not locked, etc.).
  • There is a concern about the number of families who did not view the Progress Report at the end of the second marking period.

Themes from Parents:

  • It continues to be clear to parents that teachers know each child’s strengths and needs.
  • Comments are vital to helping parents understand their child’s progress.
  • The range for Meeting is too broad.
  • There needs to be more opportunities for students to Exceed.
  • The amount of information on the document can be overwhelming.
  • The vast majority of parents would prefer letter grades.

What's Next. . .

In response to some of the feedback we have received, the RSA team will be meeting with teachers on the Core Team as well as Infinite Campus building leaders on April 27th. Please share any additional feedback you may have with these representatives.

Spotlight on You:

Titus Elementary . . .

Robin London, along with many teachers across the district, have been implementing the use of Plickers into their daily instruction as a formative assessment tool. With the growing need of specific feedback regarding standards, utilizing and recording data from a variety of formative assessment tools is becoming increasingly more important.

Robin has discovered Plickers as an effective and fun way to collect, analyze, and engage students as they learn. Take a look at the video below and/or click here for more information. Also, please feel free to reach out to Robin with any other questions or comments.


Timeline . . .

June 17th:

  • 9:00 AM - Data entry window for 4MP progress report closes.
  • 2:00 PM - Teachers & principals will be able to review reports for errors.
  • Grades 1 - 6 - Changes must be made through IT.
  • Kindergarten - Changes can be made through building secretary.
  • 3:00 PM - Kindergarten reports can be printed in building.

June 18th:

  • End of the 4th marking period.
  • 9:00 AM - Conference Reports (Grades 1 - 6) will be available to parents through the portal.
  • Kindergarten reports sent home.

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Collaboration Initiative . . .

The more we share the more we will learn. As you create, adjust, and implement various lessons or ideas please forward them to your collaboration initiative representative so s/he can get them on the intranet for everyone's benefit. For more information on the Collaboration Initiative, please contact Mike Testani, Principal of Gayman Elementary.

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