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November/December Issue. Happy Holidays!

Check out the video above to see what's going on around Clarenceville, Clawson and Royal Oak! Thank you to the many educators that shared pictures with me! If you have any great tech integration photos that you'd like to share, please e-mail me at allyson.dewar@oakland.k12.mi.us!

Fun at the Teacher to Teacher Tech Rally!

Oakland Schools Field Services South Tech Integration hosted its first "Teacher to Teacher Tech Rally" Saturday November 15, 2014 at Clawson Middle School. Presenters and attendees came from Clarenceville, Clawson, Royal Oak, Southfield and Ferndale. The day was filled with learning, sharing and networking! The twelve presenters, who were teachers and admin, did a fantastic job! Attendee comments included "I'm so inspired!", "We have to do this again!" and "I am going to tell my staff that this event was great and they have to go to the next one!" Thank you to all presenters and attendees. Kerry and I got great feedback and can't wait for a bigger and better Rally #2 this spring/summer!
Clarenceville, Clawson and Royal Oak all participated in the Student Technology Showcase December 3, 2014 at the Lansing Capitol building. The showcase was sponsored by AT&T, TRIG, Michigan Department of Education, and the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL), an organization dedicated to bringing educators from all levels together to share their knowledge and concerns regarding educational uses of computers and technology. Students shared with elected members of the Michigan Senate, the House of Representatives and even the Governor how computers and other electronic devices are being used in the classroom to facilitate learning. The projects covered a wide variety of learning areas including science, mathematics, social studies and language arts. Below are the participants from each district-


School- Clarenceville Middle School

Teacher- Sarai Stetson

Students- Daniel Cortez, Brendan Mahoney, Jonathan Sanchez, and Zachary Ortiz

Session Description- Experience STEM in action with Lego EV3 robotics and VEX robotics. Watch robots battle and learn how the robot uses sensors to gather information from its environment to engage in battle! Also view Lego stop motion animations and learn how a box of Legos and an iPad can be used to create movies.


School- Kenwood Elementary

Teacher- Lori Karam

Students- Jude Mikula and Isabelle Morishita
Session Description- “I'm in kindergarten and check out what I can do with my iPad!" See how this kindergarten class is utilizing 3 iPads to create hands-on, individualized learning experiences, taking their depth of knowledge and understanding to a whole new level!

Royal Oak-

School- Upton Elementary

Teacher- Jeremy Letkiewicz

Students- Lukas Elsner, Madison Connor, and Tyler Madsen

Session Description- Don't limit yourself to one tool! See how this 3rd grade classroom is spicing up their learning by using iPads, Chromebooks, and their Mimeo interactive whiteboard to create unique, hands-on, real world learning opportunities that promote higher level thinking skills and creativity!

"Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path."- CODE.ORG

Check out this video!- WHAT MOST SCHOOLS DON'T TEACH

Join the largest learning event in history- The Hour of Code! I urge all K-12 teachers to participate this week and beyond! What is The Hour of Code? This event teaches educators and students the basics of computer programming in 60 minutes while having fun! Plus, it is very simple. Code.org launched this event in the United States with the goal of introducing coding into the US curriculum and raising awareness about the importance of coding and computer science.


Are you having some coding fun this week? Share pics with me at allyson.dewar@oakland.k12.mi.us or Tweet with the hastags #CLVedtech, #ROedtech, or #clawsonedtech!

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2nd grade students at Grandview Elementary in Clarenceville got a head start on their Hour of Code last week!
Building Character. Celebrating Diversity. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles.

Enter the 2015 Meijer Great Choices Student Film Festival! This opportunity asks students from across the state of Michigan to create 30 second public service announcements that promote and encourage positive life choices for K-12 students. There are two categories, K-8 and High School plus more than $20,000 in prizes! This sounds like a fantastic opportunity and even a great idea to do on your own within your building! Click HERE for more information!

Worth Checking Out...

Knowmia- By TechSmith. Knowmia Teach is a free lesson planning and recording tool for teachers. Educators can create video lessons on any subject and publish them to knowmia.com. You can also search and use videos created by others. This tool has the ability to easily import visual aides.

Google Sheets Jeopardy Style Game- Create a simple quiz board with Google Sheets and Flippity.

Sketchlot- A free mind-mapping tool available on the web and iPad.

Quikkly- Create free tags that don't just take you somewhere, but actually does it for you! I have a sample one below. Scan the picture with the Quikkly app and you will follow me on Twitter! Super cool!

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