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25th - 29th January

This week PK3 have continued learning about buildings; What do we know about buildings? What do we want to find out? Together, we studied pictures of different types of buildings and using lots of "building" vocabulary such as roof, door, window, glass, bricks and tiles, the children described what they noticed.

Ways to encourage your children in our building study:

  • Look at buildings around you. Chat about how many windows or doors you can see? Is the building bigger or smaller than another one? What is the building used for? What is it made from?
  • Send in a picture of your own building. We can make a building poster to show the similarities and differences in our own buildings.


Building our knowledge of "buildings'!

We have planned lots of opportunities to experience activities relating to buildings both inside and out of the classroom. On Tuesday we went for a walk around school, looking for all our building words. We discussed the materials used to make our school - bricks, glass, tiles. At the PAC (Performing Arts Centre) we observed walls, doors, windows and a big roof. The children then drew their own interpretation of the building.

More or Less Towers

In one of our small group activities this week I invited the children to join me to build towers with interlocking cubes. Using number cards they made their tower using the same amount of cubes as the number they identified. We than used a spinner to determine if they should make another tower with MORE or LESS cubes.

Words such as more, less and equal are difficult for children to understand. You can help build their understanding by using these words as you talk with your child throughout the day.

Look at what we built......

During Wednesdays circle time the children used different manipulatives to build their own construction. They counted their blocks, worked in pairs and then continued this play learning during free choice play. We have such an imaginative and creative bunch!!


Anyone hungry? We laid a table just as we would for dinner time and set plasticine mats for the children to create their own foods. Ms Maru worked with them as they discussed healthy choices to eat, their favorite foods and created some amazing treats.

Plasticine is much firmer than playdough so is great for strengthening those small hand muscles.

Let's go fishing!

PK3 went on a fishing trip this week. We rolled a dice and counted the number of fish to catch and then using our magnetic fishing rods we dipped into the pond to see what we could catch. Once all the fish had been caught we counted them up and rolled again. This game encourages number recognition, counting, hand eye coordination and perseverance.

I'll huff and I'll puff.......

Dramatic story retelling helps children to understand a sequence of events. When we act out a story we make sure we include the beginning, the middle and the end so the audience can organize and make sense of it. We had lots of fun huffing and puffing as we retold the story of The Three Little Pigs this week.

We continued our huffing and puffing with blow painting at the art table. The children enjoyed blowing through the straw to manipulate the paints and discovering the new colors they could make with different combinations of colors.

Art Masterclass.

We had a special art class with Ms Mirtie this week. Focusing on circles the children needed to listen to and follow multi-step instructions to learn how to draw their own caterpillar.


Carnavales Break: 8th - 12th February. Classes recommence Monday 15th February.

Conscious Discipline Parent Workshop: Wednesday, February 17 at 11:00 a.m. - Choices

Please plan to join us in the ES conference room to share, reflect, and learn together about Conscious Discipline, the behavior management program that is used in PK and Kindergarten at ISP

Sister School Supply Drive: A friendly reminder that we are gathering school supplies for our sister school in Las Trancas. The drive ends February 19. Thank you in advance for helping support our friends at Gabriel Lewis Galindo Elementary School.

  • Pre-Kinder 3: 1 box of crayons and 1 package of play dough
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