The Westward Expansion

What it was like to be a Native American during this time.

What it was like to be a Native American during Westward Expansion

The indians were not very happy to be forced out of their own territory. After Andrew Jackson made it legal to move Native Americans out of their territory, they got very upset and did not want to go. So eventually that leaded to the American Indian wars and killed about 19,000 whites and 30,000 indians.

Some pictures of why they did not like the westward movement very much...

What it meant to be an American

Native Americans

To a Native American, being an American was not great. Being an American to them meant being pushed out of their land so the pioneers could have it. They felt like they were losing their rights to their own territory. Indians felt like being an American was not that amazing because pioneers were always taking their land and they had nowhere else to go. That is what being an American was like for them.
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