Get paid to ghost-blog on the side

Pick up some extra cash writing for a corporate blog

Looking for reporting work? Put that journalism degree to good use: $100 per post.

Here's the deal: I have a company that is looking for bloggers to ghost write content. These are short, 500 word articles. They should take you a few hours to crank out. And you get paid $100 a pop.

Here's what is required:

You studied in a major journalism school, or you have mastered the art of the upside down pyramid on your own. And you are OK with the fact that you will be writing about corporate topics, like B2B technology -- in other words, you will be cool with writing about "the cloud", or data centers, and you will be cool with mining through a bunch of jargon (corporate talk) to get to the heart of the story.

Now, I know. This is not what you thought you'd be doing as a reporter. But there's a lot of companies out there that need people with your exact skills. And, unlike newspapers, they actually have a growing budget for content. I don't believe in not paying reporters. And I don't believe that paying you in clips for your portfolio is enough. If you are a really talented, smart person -- with ambitions to make cash on your own merits -- then I want to work with you.

This will start with just a few blog posts for the one client. And from there, it could turn into far more, depending on you.

I'd love to see a few examples of your writing - particularly if they involve technology or previous blogging (bonus if it's a corporate blog). And maybe send me a letter, something to convince me you are right for the job. Serious candidates will be asked to take on their first (paid) assignment in the beginning of February as a trial run - so hopefully you will be free.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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