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Big October Library Event...JK Rowling Webcast

The library will be hosting the JK Rowling Webcast on Thursday, Oct 11 from 10:45 until 11:45. Students must have the permission of their 5th period teacher to attend. Only 40 students will be admitted. Prior to the date, a list of students attending will be sent to all teachers. Please note that students in 6C, 7th and 8th grade that are attending will need to bring a bagged lunch to enjoy during the webcast. The library will supply drinks. If there are any questions, ask Mrs. Mouton.

Online Book Club

The library has started an online book club. The link to the book club is on the Destiny-Clark Home page. The book club is through Collaborize Classroom and is open to any student interested in participating.
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Battle of the Books List

Although Battle of the Books is not until spring. It is never too early for students to begin reading the books on the list. This year the list contains some wonderful titles. Click here to see a list of the books.

Tag My Doc

Interesting idea...Using QR codes on handouts to allow students to keep a virtual copy by scanning the code. Here is the link to Tag My Document . Go to the website to learn more.
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Library Schedule for October

Click here for the library schedule for October.